Leaping Lizards, Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Web site has won a National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) 2003 Electronic Media Award for Distinguished Achievement. The site was developed for the Career and Technical Education Department (CTE) of Utica Community School District. The web site's primary target audience is teenagers with a secondary audience of teachers and counselors.

Creative Director, Denise Dawson, designed the entertaining, yet informative site, incorporating design elements such as extreme colors, interactive animation and innovative technology including virtual classroom tours and a CTE search function.

The design goal was to make a dynamic learning tool for the teen audience, and encouraging repeat visits. To meet this goal, Ms. Dawson teamed up with Los Angeles Animator, Layron Dejarnette, to develop a humorous and mischievous animated spokesperson. The initial character designs ranged from a space alien, robotic dog, talking cel phone and a computer dude. The computer dude made the final cut.

"Computer Dude" was drawn on paper, then was electronically finished using the latest Flash MX technology. His character is first introduced at the Web site home page where he playfully interacts (i.e. electrocuted) with the sites theme "In Touch With Tomorrow." In the "Career Pathway" section of the site, he "tries on different hats" representing the six career pathways. He accomplishes this using a whirlwind metamorphosis. Sound effects for the animated sequences were selected at Ron Rose Studios.




The interactive design team at Leaping Lizards, Ltd. has been pushing the envelope for their clients' communication requirements. Taking advantage of the Flash MX technology has led to exciting changes in what can be deliver for both web and interactive applications. Namely, the marriage of live action footage, 3-d computer animation and the already robust flash interactivity. The implications of these advances are great for opening up internet design, but also are exciting for live presentation designs which really add sizzle to the presentation message.

To best take advantage of these new developments, three new high-end computer systems and flat screen displays have been added to the lizard arsenal of tools for project design and production. The design environment at Leaping Lizards has also been positively affected. To start, each of the new systems, two Macintosh systems running system X, and a Dell system running XP Professional, have adopted lizard inspired names: Dragon, Basilisk and Thorny Devil, respectively. These are the new lizards in the house!

Staff member Claire Fryatt has been given the task of redesigning the interior of Leaping Lizards studio, to reflect the energy of the work being created here. Her inspiration has come from the synergy of creativity and technical innovation, which is the signature of the design focus at Leaping Lizards. "It has been exciting to play off of a "yin/yang" approach to the colors that will accent a key wall in each of the rooms," say Ms. Fryatt. She continues, "The catalyst for the color palette came from an antique stained glass piece, displayed in one of the arched windows. Pulling the soothing cool and vibrant warm colors from the glass, we have achieved the dynamic environment strived after." To add richness to the key walls, Ms. Fryatt has chosen 2 additional accent colors related to the main cool/warm colors, which create a subtle texture affect.




Leaping Lizards, Ltd. launches new web site
The site is a private environment, ideally suited for the development and review of projects created at Leaping Lizards, Ltd. The site offers our clients different tiers of password protected entry, from Project Management Level - with access to the File Exchange, Schedule Board, Design Room, Review Room, Screening Room and Private Gallery to Client Level - with access to the Schedule Board, Review Room, Screening Room and Private Gallery. A Guest Level provides access to the Private Gallery.

The site allows clients immediate access to projects from concept to finish. It is geared towards streamlining the development and review process by offering on-line, anytime review of works. The Design Room is where concepts are developed, and designs are finessed. Built into the room is an interactive feedback function, making communication between the development team immediate and on-going. A File Exchange service makes sharing project documents and images effortless. The Schedule Board keeps all team members abreast of the project time-line and status of the project at every stage of development. The Review Room is a great place to review the work in progress at appropriate sign-off stages. Like the Design Room, it features an interactive feedback function. At project completion, the finished project may be viewed on-line, anytime in the Screening Room. The Private Gallery is available for guests of clients to view select work.

For more information contact Leaping Lizards, Ltd.
Phone: 248 423-9311




ZOUNDS!#@! Leaping Lizards, Ltd. recently announced the 5th year anniversary of business. The lizards, who always are on the look-out for an excuse to play, were leaping high in celebration of the anniversary!

WOWIE!#@! 16-Year Graphics Design veteran and company founder Denise Dawson noted, "From traditional cel animation to high-tech virtual sets and interactive designs, we have had the opportunity to create exciting motion graphics in new media for our clients. While the first five years have been a blur of activity at Leaping Lizards, we've never lost sight of our primary focus - to provide premier design, effects and animation with a sense of fun."

MY, MY, MY!#@! Leaping Lizards, a high-tech animation studio specializing in motion graphics for digital video & interactive, has expanding their services to include a new-media suite called "Gecko-Pond, in celebration of their first four years of sucess.



Leaping Lizards, Ltd., a high-tech animation and design firm, recently made a splash with the announced opening of their New Media Internet Suite, affectionately nick-named Gecko Pond.

To properly house this addition in services, Leaping Lizards doubled the studio space to make room for the Gecko Pond. The high-tech suite features all of the latest in cross-platform technology and software for internet content development. In keeping with the Leaping Lizards style of work environment, the suite also includes creature comforts to enhance creativity and have fun while working, and uses the theme of Gecko Pond for the interior design.

Leaping Lizards President Denise Dawson comments, "We have seen the broadcast and communications industries gravitating to new ways of reaching their target audiences. This change is being driven by the rapid development of the internet. Up until recently, it was not possible to apply a high level of sophistication in design and motion to internet content, mainly due to technical restrictions. These limitations on design have and are being broken by technical innovation. At long last, we can integrate exciting design and motion with interactive content in effective and smart new ways." "That's why," added Dawson, "we've chosen 1999 to be the year the lizards make a splash with designs and motion for the internet!"

Leaping Lizards can be found on the Worldwide Web at To learn more about Leaping Lizards' New Media Internet Suite, call 248-423-9311, e-mail