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Leaping Lizards, Ltd.
, a professional design firm established in 1994, is located in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. The company's primary focus is providing creative design, interactive and animation services for advertising, marketing, communications, and business clients. Our work has been recognized with numerous industry awards for excellence. We specialize in cross-media repurposing of design assets to achieve maximum and measurable results. These methods provide powerful and cost-effective marketing solutions for our clients. We offer a wide range of creative services including:

Animation Services
From traditionally drawn 2d animation to state-of-the-art 3d animation, Leaping Lizards brings creativity and technical excellence to our animation projects. Our animations are used in show opens, bumper graphics, id tags, TV commercials, virtual sets, live presentations, kiosk attract loops, and interactive marketing. We offer comprehensive, innovative and effective animation services.

Computer Graphics
With over 23 years experience in computer graphics, Leaping Lizards combines leading-edge techniques to provide our clients with innovative computer graphics solutions for print, video, interactive and web applications.

Special Effects
When your digital video project requires some extra dazzle, Leaping Lizards offers a wide array of visual special effects - from video retouching, effects animation, rotoscoping and virtual sets to morphing, digital compositing and other video magic - consider us for your next digital fx project.

Interactive Design
With advancements in computer technology and leading edge tools, Leaping Lizards can provide you with an array of interactive solutions for your next CDROM project or interactive DVD. We have developed many different delivery mechanisms for interactive projects used at events including kiosks and interactive presentations using Flash animation. We also offer visual design services for PowerPoint presentations, as well.

Web Design
Leaping Lizards has years of experience designing and developing web sites. We offer smart ecommerce solutions, and excel at providing database integration for extending the functionality of the web site. We are experts at integrating flash animation and interactivity, and offer streaming video for that extra pizzazz that your site may require.


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